Intellectual Fashion Show at the Gus Fisher Gallery 8 Oct - 5 Nov 2016

In 1959, artist June Black held an exhibition titled the Intellectual Fashion Show. It included paintings, ceramic wall sculptures and a provocative commentary, presenting the concept of an ‘intellectual fashion house’ framing fashion as a powerful tool for self expression and as armour to protect the self from the rigours of daily life, social hypocrisy and cultural expectations.   Louise Rive and Chuck Joseph have each responded in this 2016 exhibition at the Gus Fisher Gallery to June Black's 1959 metaphorical costumes. 

Louise Rive. Costume #47: Costume for wallowing in solitude. The wardrobe of a clay effigy contains a kit: empty coathangers, cotton wool and a roll of barbed wire. It is an expression of my ambivalence towards the state of solitude.

Chuck Joseph. Costume #19: Costume to be worn over a heavy heart. From a photograph of a refugee child on a windblown Mediterranean shore, a gold survival blanket over the child's shoulders like cloak and playing with a stick sword. The costume gave the scene an innocent beauty but masks a Heavy Heart.